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The Service 50 Snapshot

July 31, 2012

The first quarter of this year was rather flat for the fifty technology companies TSIA tracks in the TSIA Service 50. This Thursday I will be reviewing how these companies performed in Q2. Did the bumpy ride continue? Tune in and see how your company performance compares to the broader industry. Also, hear TSIA’s perspective on the key trends that will be impacting the performance of technology solution providers throughout the remainder of the year.

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Are You Growing at 192% Year Over Year?

January 31, 2012

For the past year and a half, TSIA has been warning legacy product companies that cloud computing will become the consumption model of choice for many companies, both large and small. So from the TSIA perspective, this is a conversation of “when” not “if.” When will cloud computing options begin to disrupt your current business model?

Market research firms like IDC and Forrester predict how fast various markets will convert to cloud computing models. This is not what TSIA does. We are focused on how this shift will impact the business models and service models of technology providers. So we don’t try to answer the “when” question for companies. Having said that, I read an article today that simply blew my mind and is directly related to the “when” question. offers cloud based storage and web service offerings. They  just announced the growth rate they are experiencing on these services:


Year over year growth of 192%. Are there any products or services in your current portfolio currently growing at 192%? The TSIA Service 50, fifty of the largest providers of technology solutions today, grew top line revenues at a tepid 6% from Q4 2010 to Q4 2011.

And the tongues are wagging about this growth of S3:

“This is the largest storage system in the world bar none; there isn’t anything like it anywhere else that I’m aware of unless it’s some secret government/NSA vault.”

“I don’t understand how people can’t see this kind of thing and just have their jaw hit the floor. People are paying for this. At this rate they will have 2 TRILLION objects in another year and it will be a $600M/year business.”


“First, broad based adoption driven by consumerization of IT. Second, the shift from transaction to engagement – we have social, mobile, analytical, and other unstructured data. Third, true elasticity has come to fruition as the promise of the cloud gets delivered. People are taking to the cloud because the tools are easy to use and they don’t have time or money to provision expensive servers. Instead they are using elasticity, which was the original premise of AWS. We could see it happening last year but this leap in growth is tremendous.”

“Amazon has established itself as one of the leading contenders. The barriers of entry are high. Very few folks can afford to build the data centers, the software infrastructure, and momentum to be profitable. Amazon is in the same league as Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc. The only other folks that could do it if they woke up are the telco’s – but we’ve all been telling them that for years. They haven’t paid attention.”

So I don’t know exactly when cloud computing will impact your business model. But I will continue to argue it is a question of “when” and not “if.”




S50 Webcast

January 24, 2012

This Thursday I deliver the quarterly snapshot on the TSIA Service 50.

How are revenues, margins, and profits trending for the technology companies? Join me to find out.

Interesting trend in this snapshot: Product margins improved for IBM and Dell. I will drill into this and other ciritcal datapoints as we explore the performance of high tech business models.

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S50 Webcast

November 1, 2011

This Thursday I deliver the quarterly snapshot on the TSIA Service 50.

How are revenues, margins, and profits trending for the technology companies? Join me to find out.

In addition, I will be applying insights from this public data to the new frameworks we have published in Consumption Economics. How fast is the tech industry entering the world of consumption economics? Let’s see what the public data reveals.

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Ignorance is Not Bliss

April 26, 2011

You’ve seen the great results posted by Apple, but is the technology industry overall still recovering?

You’ve seen the business press lamenting Cisco’s stall, but how do their results compare to other technology providers?

Everyone says cloud computing will disrupt business models, but is the impact of cloud being felt today by technology providers?

Well, stop guessing on what is going on in the technology industry and tune into to TSIA’s quartlery webcast that reviews the actual financial performance of fifty of the largest technology providers on the planet. See how Q1 2011 compares to the data TSIA has been trending for the past five years.

This webcast is open to the general public:

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The Service 50: Where to Spend the Cash?

January 25, 2011

This Thursday I will be delivering the quarterly review of the TSIA Service 50 data.

As I look at the Q4 2010 data, it is clear the recovery is holding for the tech industry. Top line growth is steady, and profits continue to remain strong. But what is the deal with all the cash these tech companies are aggregating? Check out the war chests being horded by some of the Service 50 companies:

Cisco Cash

EMC Cash

Red Hat CashJoin me this Thursday for the complete Service 50 readout as well as some discussion on this emerging challenge facing tech companies: Where to invest the cash?


IBM Results: Get Some Context

January 27, 2010

This month, The New York Times published an article about IBM’s incredible results this year:

Published: January 19, 2010

The corporate technology industry is scrambling for higher ground, moving up from hardware into services and mixing in some business software. The goal is steady revenue, higher profit and tighter bonds with customers — and the model is I.B.M., which reported its quarterly results on Tuesday, finishing off a record year of profits for the company.

But how does IBM’s performance compare to other key players in the technology industry? How does IBM’s performance compare to results one year ago?  And does IBM’s performance signal a rebound for the overall tech industry?

For insights and data to help address these critical questions, join me tomorrow for the TSIA Service 50 Webcast. Learn how fifty of the largest technology companies performed in 2009. Are tech product revenues coming back? Are profits staying firm? Are service margins continuing to improve? I will answer all of those questions and more.

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