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Health Check Q1 2009: Techhology Services

April 30, 2009

Today, we delivered our analysis of how fifty of the largest providers of technology services performed in Q1 2009. Companies in our index include hardware, software, and pure services companies. Example companies include:

  • Accenture
  • Cognizant
  • Cisco
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Infosys
  • Oracle
  • SAP

Analyzing the Q1 data, we saw three trends important to every provider of technology services:



Market Predictions

April 13, 2009

Technology Professional Services organizations are human capital intensive endeavors. This means it takes time to both scale up and scale down delivery capacity. Global resourcing models have made this challenge a little easier. However, the profitability of PS organizations is still very susceptible to swings in market demand.  Right now, there are three data streams PS organizations can access to better understand the direction of the TPS marketplace.


The Europe Service 20: Webcast

February 25, 2009

On March 5th, I will be hosting a public webcast on The Europe Service 20. To register:

In this webcast, I will be comparing the results of twenty of the largest technology services providers in Europe to the results we have seen in The Service 50 (a list of fifty of the largest providers of technology services, worldwide). I will also indentify four of the highest performing services organizations based in Europe. Finally, I will be discussing three metatrends that are impacting the European technology solutions marketplace. These trends can be summarized in the figure below:

Three Industry Trends

Three Industry Trends

Want to find out what these trends are and what they mean to technology providers? Come join me March 5th.

The Service 50 Webcast

January 26, 2009

This is a quick reminder that I will be hosting the quarterly Service 50 Webcast on January 29th at 2:00pm Eastern. This webcast is open to the general public. In it, we analyze the quarterly performance of fifty of the largest providers of technology services. This is perhaps one of our most anticipated snapshots. This webcast is one data point your services organization can use to better understand how the broader technology services industry is performing in the current economic environment. Key questions we answer with The Service 50 dataset include:

1. Who are the largest providers of technology services?
2. Are technology service margins trending up or down?
3. Are net incomes trending up or down?
4. Are hardware and software companies becoming more or less service intensive?

5. What is the product service mix for the most profitable companies in the Service 50?
6. What is the product service mix for the largest companies in the Service 50?

To register, visit:

Sample analyis from are last Service 50 webcast:

Service 50 Example

Service 50 Example

New Year’s Anxiety

January 4, 2009

Well, I am back in the saddle for 2009. Usually, I look forward to embracing a new year—and all the new initiatives financed by all of those reloaded annual budgets. However, I cannot recollect a new year in my career when I had more anxiety regarding the resilience of the technology services industry. Will 2009 be a total disaster regarding technology services revenues or will this sector continue relatively unscathed as it did in the first three quarters of 2008? To help answer that question, my eyes will be firmly fixed on two datasets: The Service 50 and The TPS Tracker.