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Last But Not Least

October 26, 2011

The last day of TSW! And still, we are cramming in great presentations.

Yesterday we saw a killer presentation by Guy Gauvin of Taleo. Guy showed how Taleo is already living and succeeding by the new rules of tech.

Today, Maria Martinez, the executive in charge of the “Customer’s for Life” organization within will be sharing the mission and tactics of her organization. Clearly, salesforce is already living and dying by the rules of Consumption Economics.

After the keynote, we have multiple breakouts scheduled. I will be hosting one that overviews our brand new PS ODP offering. TSIA members now have the ability to engage TSIA to audit and diagnose the maturity of over 200 processes related to executing a PS business. We launched the pilot for this program at the beginning of this year. The PS organizations from five TSIA members have participated, including , HP Software Services, Schlumberger, Ericsson, Microsoft, and EMC.

In my breakout today, I will overview how the PS ODP works and discuss some of the processes we evaluate during audits. For any PS organization looking for a mechanism to improve performance or align global processes, I recommend you stop in for the overview.

Thanks to the TSIA team and the TSIA members for another outstanding industry conference.

And have fun launching those trojan horses…