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Acme Packet and Dell: Two Sides of the Same Coin

February 5, 2013

There were two events that happened this week in the technology industry that speaks volumes to how the financial models in the industry will be shifting dramatically over the next few years.

First of all, Oracle made a surprise acquisition of Acme Packet. Acme Packet is a classic hardware company selling to telecom carriers. Acme currently makes almost 80% of their revenue on selling high margin hardware. They wrap high margin support services around that around to generate a 80% gross margin business. Beautiful. Isn’t this the business model that any hardware company would envy?


The problem is that Acme’s is spending over 34% of their revenues on sales and marketing. The industry that they are in is hyper competitive. The stock has been going nowhere. The future prospects of Acme Packet as an independent hardware company banking on high margin product sales to drive growth and profits seems to be limited. Oracle is looking to broaden into the world of networking and they saw a unique opportunity to buy their way in. If Acme saw a future of high growth and high profits as an independent company pushing hardware, they would not have sold.

Next, news broke that Dell plans to go private. Last year, Dell made 80% of its revenue from selling products. Their revenue mix looks very similar to Acme Packets. However, Dell products are becoming more and more commoditized. Gross margin on products is running around 20% for Dell. This is my intuition, but I believe Michael Dell is clear that the future of a company making the vast majority of revenue selling hardware is challenged at best. Dell must reengineer the economic gears. And this will be painful. Better to go through this pain as a private company.


Acme Packet selling to Oracle and Dell going private are really two sides of the same coin. An economic engine based on the vast majority of revenues coming from hardware is under very real duress. Companies in this model need to make bold moves to move off of this model.

This is only the beginning. The historical tech business models are about to be turned upside down. The Dell and the Acme Packet business models were forged in the tech industry over twenty years ago. Personally, I believe product intensive business models are no longer the path to growth and profits. Keep watching the news—this is not the end of interesting headlines.