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How are tech companies tracking customer consumption?

November 24, 2014

For the past year, TSIA has been conducting research related to how our member companies understand how their customers are actually consuming technology offers. We call this field of research “Consumption Analytics.”  This field is becoming critical as customers migrate to “technology as a service” business models where they only pay for what they actually consume.

Currently, we are conducting an industry survey on the topic. Below is information on how you can participate and receive the insights from the survey data.


What metrics should we measure, and how can we leverage that information to improve our services? The choices are many, and it’s a challenge that transverses all service disciplines. If you are actively monitoring and utilizing streams of product and service data, or if you are just starting to create your analytics plan, we invite you to participate in TSIA’s Adoption, Consumption, and Outcome Metrics Survey:

Click here to participate in the survey

This 20-minute, 13-question survey will collect core data on how companies measure purchase, installation, consumption, and outcome metrics; and more importantly, how they leverage these data streams. All participants, regardless of their analytics process maturity, will receive a summary of the data collected and be invited to a private webinar discussing the results.

Deadline for submission is Wednesday, December 17, 2014.

Thank you for your support of this important research initiative. For questions on this research, please contact Jeremy DalleTezze at





Org Structure in Technology Services

July 13, 2012

Several years ago, TSIA conducted a survey on how the reporting lines for service organizations were stuctured within product companies. Below is one of the graphs from Service Insight I wrote after we analyzed the data.

To download the full report I wrote, TSIA-DV-07-007 Org Design.

This week, we launched a refresh of that survey.  If you are curious how service lines are typically structured in a technology company, take a  few minutes and complete the survey. I wil lbe analyzing the data early next month.

TSIA Organizational Structure Survey