Service Capabilities Heatmap

A new tradition.

TSIA defines organizational capabilities as “the ability to perform actions that achieve desired results.” TSIA maps the capabilities required by all service organizations into the following eight categories:

  1. Strategy and Planning
  2. Offer Development
  3. Sales and Marketing
  4. Talent Management
  5. Service Operations
  6. Partner Management
  7. Technology Infrastructure
  8. Performance Management

In each one of these categories, there are capabilities that a service organization must master to scale and optimize their business.

In the first ten months of 2012, TSIA received over seven hundred inquiries from member companies. Also, TSIA has been surveying member companies regarding the service capabilities they are most interested in improving. Mining that data, there are clear patterns regarding the service capabilities that member companies are
working to establish or refresh.

This month I published a Service Capabilities Heatmap.

These are the top ten service capabilities we sell TSIA members working to optimize as they enter 2013:

  1. Sales Coverage: We effectively align sales resources and channels with the market to cost-effectively sell our service offerings.
  2. Pricing Strategy: We actively manage pricing based on a strong understanding of demand, competitive factors, and business objectives.
  3. Customer Analytics: We have the data streams and expertise to monitor how customers are using our technology and then develop services that are proven to increase adoption of our technology.
  4. Proactive Channel Management: We effectively analyze the cost and quality of all customer interaction channels (phone, email, self-service, chat, online communities, social media) and then influence channel choice, moving customers toward more efficient and less expensive channels.
  5. Services Enablement (issue avoidance): Data and experiences from service engagements effectively influences product development priorities to reduce the cost of implementation and support efforts.
  6. Realtime Dashboards: We leverage enterprise class systems to provide realtime data on critical service performance metrics.
  7. Organizational Structure: We have implemented an effective services organizational structure that optimizes the parameters of service costs, service revenue growth, and customer experience.
  8. Asset Reuse: We maximize the reuse of all relevant existing services assets in new service engagements.
  9. Resource Optimization: Across geographic boundaries, we optimize the mix of resources to services delivery to ensure service success and margin performance.
  10. Managed Service Offering: We have multi-year, annuity based service offerings that help our customers operate and optimize our technology solutions.

For the complete report on 2013 Service Capabilities, send me an email at and I will forward it on to you.


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