Eleven Things I Learned

On the last day of the recent TSW conference, I summarized the key insights I was taking away from my converesations with attendees over the three days. To watch this presentation, visit:


Below are the insights I cover in the video.

1. Managed Services

  • Growing, profitable, but don’t call it Managed Services.
  • Limit liability? Org structure? Rev Rec? Comp Models? Financial Model?


2. Margin Box

  • Fixation on achieving certain margin targets for embedded service business lines. This means we walk away from customer opportunities because they don’t meet a specific target. We could be boxing ourselves in.
  • What matters: Total margin dollars (rev * margin) not margin %

3. Service Controlled R&D

  •  Service executive is given control of 5% to 15% of the product R&D budget. Focus those resources on capabilities that help customers realize value.

4. Solution Managers

  • Not product managers. Not service marketing managers. They are comped on the growth of both product and service revenues.

5. “On site is Insight”

  • Quote from Bill McDermott during his keynote. Why he believes service capabilities are so critical for product companies.


6. Success Science

  • You understand what makes your best customers your best customers.
  • Best customers = spend lots with you because they are being successful
  • Do you have a cohesive vision throughout the entire company concerning what makes your best customers your best customers?

7. Place Big Bets

  • Ex: Stand up a business consulting capability
  • Ex: Stand up a hosted version of your product for a customer
  • Ex: Aggressive reskilling program for services (technical to business)

8. Remove the Complexity of Services

  • For your customers
  • More importantly: for your sales force
  • Complexity look like: stove piped service capabilities, overlapping offers, death by a thousand packages

9. Starting up SaaS

  • 2 years to profitability
  • Amount you spend on sales and marketing impacts time to profitability
  • Design of the platform can dramatically impact time to profitability


10. Financial Model of Your Company

  1. Has to change
  2. Transition as quick as possible to the best model possible
  3. New model will not be throwing off 25 to 40 points of profit

11. Disenfranchising your team

  • Be savvy about orchestrating change
  • You have to bring the company along with you (R&D, Sales, Finance)
  • Don’t sacrifice your best people in this process


2 Responses to “Eleven Things I Learned”

  1. Potter Says:

    I took McDermott to mean ‘On site…’ not ‘On sight…’

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