A Platform for Recognizing Service Innovation

The technology industry is enamored with technology innovation—as it should be. Technology innovation creates “oohs and aahs” from customers and analysts. But in the technology industry, the fastest growing revenue lines are service related. And recognizing service innovation is not top of mind in the technology industry. Even though millions of dollars of profit are at stake in the service businesses that are embedded in product technology companies. From TSIA’s perspective, this needs to change.

Two years ago, TSIA launched “Service Revolutions.” This is a competition where companies have six minutes to pitch how they are revolutionizing the way services are delivered. The audience (composed of industry professionals) votes on what concepts they think are truly most revolutionary. TSIA recruits startups that are working to revolutionize the world of technology services. The winning startup receives a $10,000 check and a wonderful PR opportunity. We also recruit existing service practitioners to pitch how they are changing the service game. This year heavy hitters HP and SAP pitched interesting service innovations. The audience picked SAP’s innovations in delivering implementation services:

The Advanced Delivery Management builds on the concept of Rapid Deployment Solutions as fully packaged solutions that can be delivered in short time and extends this concept to services SAP delivers. The key components that allow us deliver consistently around the globe and deliver predictable results is standardization of the way we deliver both on organizational level and in the way we design the services portfolio.

I love this body of work by SAP. They have been on a multi-year journey to reduce the amount effort required to implement SAP software, and their investments are paying off. Even more, I love how SAP is shining a bright light on how service innovation is changing the game for them. Check out this post on their community page: ASAP Methodology

There is a lot of money at stake in these service businesses. And where there is revenue, there is usually investment for innovation.  I can’t wait for next year’s “Service Revolutions.”


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