Service Country Profiles: China

Yesterday, I spoke of the need for service organizations to drive tactics that will allow their companies to sustain current margin profiles.  You can see the presentation by visiting:

Today, I deliver a breakout session on a tactic that has helped high tech companies extend their current business models: serving emerging markets.

Since Las Vegas last year, TSIA has been telling member companies that “exciting” growth for technology products will not be coming from North America or Western European markets but new major markets such as Brazil, China and India. These markets represent wonderful growth opportunities for product sales. That is the good news. The bad news: How do service organizations successful sell and deliver their services in these new major markets?

Over the past six months, TSIA has been interviewing service leaders to discuss the specific challenges of selling and delivering services in Brazil, China, and India. These interviews resulted in a framework we call “Country Service Profiles.”  A graph from that framework is below.

Today, I will present this framework in my breakout session and we will spend time discussing the specific challenges of selling and delivering services in China. Again, service organizations must be at the top of their game to defend their margin dollars. Accelerating success in tough service markets like China is yet another way to defend those service margins.


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