Project Management Methodology: Market Share

This summer, I have been working on inventorying over 100 service processes related to managing a professional services business. This effort is part of the organizational development program we are piloting for professional service organizations. This program is modeled after the very
successful support services certification program TSIA has been offering for over five years.

While working on the criteria, there was a discussion regarding “project management methodologies.” Everyone agrees that project
based service organizations should adhere to some type of formal projectmethodology. The methodology should provide a framework for what project team members should be doing throughout the lifecycle of the project. Project management
methodologies provide guidance in the following areas:

  1.  Project Initiation
  2.  Project Planning and Solution Design
  3.  Project Delivery
  4.  Monitoring and Controlling
  5.  Project Closing

The question is “what” project methodologies are most popular in technology professional service organizations? There are at least
three off the shelf project methodologies I have seen PS organizations adopt:

And of course, many PS organizations create their own custom project management methodologies. I am curious what project management methodology your organization leverages:



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