Upcoming Webcast: Key Trends Impacting Technology Services

This Thursday, I will be hosting a webcast open to the general public. Description is below. To register, visit:


In this webcast, TSIA Executive Director Thomas E. Lah will discuss the following five market trends that TSIA believes will significantly impact technology service business models over the next three to five years:

  1. Cloud Computing: This is the ongoing trend of hardware and software capabilities migrating from local locations to centralized locations.
  2. Utility Computing: Utility computing is related to cloud computing but is not one in the same. Cloud computing is the trend where IT capabilities migrate from onsite to offsite. Utility computing is the trend where IT capabilities become commoditized.
  3. Mobility Computing: Mobility computing is where the access to IT capabilities no longer occurs through traditional desktop machines that are loaded with processing power, memory, storage, and are tethered to the corporate network. Instead, users expect to access IT capabilities from any location and from a myriad of devices, large and small.
  4. Social Media: This is the phenomenon of communities leveraging technology platforms to share experiences and insights.
  5. Rise of New Major Markets: Finally, it is very clear that as the world emerges from the most recent global recession, some of the greatest economic opportunities will not be represented by the traditional tech stronghold markets of North America and Europe. China, India, and Brazil are but three examples where overall economic growth is expected to far outpace that of the U.S. and Europe.

After reviewing these five trends, Thomas will discuss how these trends are beginning to impact technology service organizations. Specifically, in the areas of service financial business models, service offerings, and service partner ecosystems. Don’t miss this opportunity to leverage the insights being driven by the platform of over 300 TSIA members.


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