Optimizing Support Services Delivery Partnerships

In August of last year, I wrote two blog entries regarding the shift that is occurring in the technology industry related to working with service partners.

As previously discussed in those entries, both hardware and software OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are rethinking how to effectively engage with service delivery partners. Also, what ultimately defines success with service delivery partners?

To move this conversation forward, there is a community of interest within TSIA that is focused on better understanding the common practices of successful partner management in the delivery of support services. This community has crafted a tight survey to help identify what common partner management practices are in play right now. The survey is designed to provide insight on questions such as:

  • How do companies determine which engagements to take on directly and which ones to hand over to business partners?
  • How do companies ensure that partner delivery organizations understand your products and can deliver high-quality services?
  • How are partners enabled and compensated?

If you would like to participate in this survey, please visit:


Survey participants will be invited to a participants-only webcast presentation of survey results, and will have early access to the full report of survey results. As always, responses will be 100% anonymous and confidential, and results will be shown only at an aggregate level.


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