PTC: Another Bright Spot Story

As I mentioned in a previous blog, we have received a series of submissions from TSIA members describing “bright spots” in their services organization. Below is a a submission from Mark Dorsett at PTC. I’ve known Mark for several years and I have always found his thinking on the leading edge regarding service tactics. I think his submission has some helpful insights for all services managers. Enjoy.

About 3 years ago we determined that our approach of selling standard offerings was unsucessful. Clients never wanted the exact contents of any of our packages. And we determined that our software and sales people were too focused on trying to sell the “package” rather than understanding what will truly make the client successful and achieve “Realized Value” from their purchase.

So we updated not only our go to market approach, but also our overall engagement, implementation, and support strategy. The philosophy we choose was that of a product platform with modules that can be added, subtracted and changed in size. Based on history, we know what it takes for clients to achieve value. However there are always variations based on what the client insists on doing, what third parties may do and what we do. So we created the Realized Value Platform which allows us to provide what clients want:

1) Advice on what is needed to be successful by saying all these modules need to be performed, even if we do not do them
2) Predictability – the building blocks are known and we can say that we have executed them myriads of times
3) Flexibility
4) Complete life cycle view that includes both PS and Support

We have had much greater success with this approach and it has helped us bring together our Support and Professional Services into one conversation, which is at least the beginnings of convergence.

Mark Dorsett

Vice President, Solution Centers



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