Follow the Bright Spots

In my opening keynote on Monday, I outlined six change management tactics services organizations can pursue to help drive “services transformation” within their companies. One key tactic is to focus on the bright spots. This is the tactic of identifying what your company has done that has resulted in some type of services success. For example, perhaps a key customer doubled their spend on services with your company in the past year. Why? What did you do differently with this customer that led to increased services spend? Or, perhaps your services team developed a new set of offerings that really is helping customers adopt your technology. What was different about these offerings? What was unique about the development process?

Following the bright spots is all about focusing on what is working. The change management research will tell you that organizations (and individuals) have a tendency to spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on what is broke. Let’s be honest—it is human nature. We love to bemoan all the things that prevent us from being successful. However, this fascination with faults is not very productive. Focusing on activities that are creating business value is productive.

TSIA is encouraging service professionals to share their bright spot stories. Go out to Technology Services Forum and share your story.

To make things interesting, we are putting an IPad on the line. The writer of the most inspiring bright spot story will be recognized at the TSIA Star Awards banquet at TSW. That person will receive an IPad.

So, take a moment, and share your story. Your peers will appreciate the inspiration.



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