The Center of Technology Services

Today, we kick off the Technology Services World conference. When we launched the TSIA brand one year ago, our commitment was to create a community that would be at the center of the technology services universe. So let’s take a look at what is in store for the opening day of TSW.

TSW starts with a series of advisory board meetings. TSIA has established advisory boards for each of the unique service disciplines we research:

  • Field Services
  • Education Services
  • Professional Services
  • Support Services

These boards are composed of experts in each of these respective disciplines. These experts provide insights on the types of research and programs TSIA should pursue to help companies optimize these service lines. In addition, TSIA has an executive advisory board. This is a group of senior service executives that provide insights on the overall trends impacting the technology industry.

While the boards are meeting, TSIA partners are conducting professional development workshops. These workshops are focused on topics such as “value based selling” and “best practices in knowledge management.” Attendees are introduced to practical tactics they can take back to the office to improve service performance.

After the board meetings and professional development courses, we kick off the general session. I will deliver a keynote outlining tactics to drive services transformation within product companies. After me, TSIA member Compuserve and TSIA partner Neochange deliver a keynote that outlines how Compuserve has developed an entirely new services portfolio centered on the concept of end user adoption. This will be followed by a keynote from GE Healthcare that addresses the fastest growing segment in the TSIA community: Health care technology solution providers.

The general session rolls out into a reception anchored by companies providing leading edge services and solutions that help service organizations improve performance.

Finally, TSIA hosts a Chief Services Executive dinner. This year, the dinner was oversubscribed, with well over 130 service executives requesting to attend.

Once again, our commitment for TSIA was to create a community that would be at the center of the technology services universe. When I review the first day activities of TSW, when I think of all the companies represented, when I review the agenda of great speakers and topics, and when I think of the companies helping to sponsor this event, I absolutely feel we have met that commitment.



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