And the Band Plays On

This month we are celebrating the fifth anniversary of creating an association specifically focused on embedded PS organizations. In September of 2005, Tom Rich, Greg Burnett, and I helped launch the Technology Professional Services Industry Association (TPSA).

Check out the twenty founding members:

  1. BEA Systems
  2. Computer Associates
  3. Convergys
  4. Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc.
  5. GlassHouse Technologies
  6. Hitachi Data Systems
  7. Hyperion Solutions
  8. IKON Office Solutions
  9. Juniper Networks
  10. Mercury Interactive
  11. Mentor Graphics
  12. Parametric Technology Corp.
  13. Peregrine Systems
  14. Progress Software
  15. QuickArrow
  17. SBI Group
  18. Software AG
  19. Sterling Commerce
  20. Sun Microsystems

For a real walk down memory lane, check out an article in the IT press that covered the launch:

Here is a telling data point on how the technology industry continues to mature and consolidate. Nine of the 20 founding member companies of TPSA have since been acquired! And I am not talking small software startup companies. BEA, Sun, and Hyperion to name just a few.

Despite the amazing consolidation that continues to occur in the tech industry, TSIA has a thriving PS community of over 90 members. This community allows TSIA to aggregate one of the richest datasets available related to the actual performance and practices of embedded PS organizations.

I remember how proud we were to have recruited such a great list of tech companies. And to this day, I am personally grateful to the individual PS leaders in those companies that took an early chance on a new community and a new Executive Director.  I am even more proud of the fact that five years later, I am still here. Working with people like Bo DiMuccio to deliver on the promises we made to those founding members five years ago.

Former TPSA members, current TSIA members, thank you so much for your continued support.



One Response to “And the Band Plays On”

  1. Bo Di Muccio Says:


    Had TPSA really only been in existence for two years when I joined the team in 2007? It sure didn’t feel like it … you guys had a very well oiled machine in place. But we’ve certainly come a long way in those 5+ years and much has changed. We’ve gone from 20 members to almost 100 (we’re closer to 100 than to 90 actually … just a minor correction, boss!), and we’ve gone from TPSA alone to the PS discipline within TSIA. But our focus on the concerns of PS executives has only gotten sharper, our storehouse of knowledge has only gotten deeper. Yes, the “band plays on,” and in large measure, they are playing the same tunes … and asking the same questions … as they did in 2005. How can we better align PS and corporate strategies? What processes should we have in place as we move from opportunistic PS to a global practice? What does normal or average even look like in terms of rates, project margins, billable utilization and more? What great jobs we have!! So I second your thanks to the former TPSA and current TSIA PS members! Next stop … 100+!!!!

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