TSIA: What, How, Why

Posting today from 30k in the air–so excited the airlines have added wireless service.

Every week, I watch several presentations posted from the TED conferences (www.ted.com). These presentations always provide unique perspectives and many ideas introduced by these outstanding speakers can be applied to the technology services industry. In flight today, I watched the following talk by Simon Sinek. Sinek is a is a marketing consultant known for developing “The Golden Circle,” a model based on human decision-making that guides organizations on how to inspire people to buy or support any product, company or idea.


Watch the video, and then read the rest of the blog.

What TSIA Does

Following the simple model outlined by Sinek, it struck me that my research colleagues and I at TSIA spend a great deal of time over viewing all of the important deliverables we create for companies to help them optimize their services businesses. The diagram below is a standard one we use in member briefings to communicate our inventory of research activities:

TSIA Research Activities

So what does TSIA do? We develop, publish, and socialize data and frameworks for optimizing services technology service businesses.

How TSIA Does It

TSIA is a very unique community model. We are an industry association. Member companies put pennies into the community by providing benchmark data, presenting case studies at our conferences, participating in small community of interest sessions, etc. The more pennies community members put into the collective pot, the richer the data and insights for all of the members. This model has allowed TSIA to quickly and cost effectively drive new industry insights on everything from product-service mix trends to the current discounting rates for delivery consultants.

Why TSIA Exists

So we generate all of this research on the world of technology services by leveraging and optimizing a unique community model composed of more than 200 of the world’s leading technology companies. Very cool. But WHY does TSIA exist? To simply publish data? To simply answer inquiries on industry practices?

I can tell you that that the passion that binds people like JB Wood and I together is simple: Service excellence will dominate the economics of the technology industry. Moving forward, the most interesting economics (revenue and profit) in the technology industry will be generated by companies that successfully align services capabilities with product capabilities. The day of selling thousands of wiz bang widgets is rapidly coming to a close. The ability to use services and products to create a customer experience has arrived with deadly force. I don’t care if you are Apple wrapping Itunes around an MP3 player, or EMC wrapping a managed service around a hunk of storage, the end game is the same. New technology for the sake of new technology is a dated value proposition. Customers want technology they can successfully adopt. Companies that can help customers truly adopt technology will ultimately dominate the market landscape. At TSIA, we believe this to our core—and we exist to help technology companies thrive in this services-centric technology industry.


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