What Will Customers Value?

In May, at our Silicon Valley conference, I will be discussing the impact of cloud computing on how technology companies go to market. We know the landscape is beginning to shift. Traditionally, the enterprise technology marketplace has always had an intensive reseller component. It could be Hitachi Data Systems selling high end storage through global VARs or Microsoft selling Exchange servers through regional resellers. The traditional go to market model is shown below.

 Traditional Go To Market

As product companies begin creating new cloud based offerings, they are upsetting the current go to market landscape. Customers will soon have more options to consume technology solutions directly from product providers. The new landscape I will be discussing in Santa Clara looks more like the diagram below.

 Cloud Computing Go To Market

Now, what does this new landscape mean for TSIA members that provide technology solutions? It means a new type of uncertainty has entered the equation.  “If customers are now buying technology subscriptions directly from us, what will drive their buying decisions?” What will customer’s value in this new market landscape? 

 For the first time in my five year tenure with TSIA, member companies are requesting we reach out and survey end customers to assess what they value when purchasing technology services.  Clearly, our members are becoming convinced that the types of services offered and how those services are successfully positioned is changing.

 A steering committee of TSIA member companies has identified key buying attributes they want to test with customers. Some of the key buying attributes include:

  • Importance of onsite vs. remote assistance.
  • Importance of supporting the technology of other product vendors.
  • Preference for funding service assistance in long term contracts vs. project based contracts.
  • Preference for dedicated account resources vs. shared account teams.
  • Awareness of the need for ongoing technology enablement vs. initial product implementation services.

If you want to jump into this study to better understand how buyer preferences are shifting, please contact me or your TSIA Membership Development Director. 

The go to market model for the technology industry is shifting—your service offerings and service positioning better keep up.


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