The TSIA Service 50

This Thursday, I will be hosting our quarterly Service 50 webcast. It is open to the public.  Follow this link to register:

For those readers that have not attended in the past, I host a webcast every quarter that reviews the financial performance of fifty of the largest providers of technology services. The analysis is designed to answer the following questions regarding trends in tech services:

  1. Who are the best performing providers of technology services?
  2. Are technology service margins trending up or down?
  3. Are net incomes trending up or down?
  4. Are hardware and software companies becoming more or less service intensive?
  5. What is the product service mix for the most profitable companies in the Service 50?
  6. What is the product service mix for the largest companies in the Service 50?

As I review the Q3 data, I can tell you the global downturn clearly caught up to the tech companies this past quarter. However, there are some surprises. Also, service revenues and margins are continuing to play a critical role as product revenues and margins lag.

Join me Thursday for all the key trends.


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