My New Mission

Yesterday, I resigned as the Executive Director of The Technology Professional Services Association. After four years, it was time for a change. And I have found my next calling.

As of today, I am now serving as the Executive Director of the Technology Services Industry Association ( In some ways, this is not a dramatic announcement. I am still working with the same great service researchers like Bo DiMuccio and John Ragsdale. In fact, we have simply merged TPSA with our two other sister associations, SSPA and AFMSI, to create one über association to represent the entire spectrum of technology services. 


However, in many ways this is a dramatic announcement. The creation of TSIA represents a coming out party for the technology services tribe. It is the strong belief of the management team within TSIA that technology services now represents the future economic health of the technology industry for the following reasons:

  • Technology service offerings are becoming a greater source of both revenue and margin dollars for product companies. We have been documenting that shift in our Service 50 analysis for the past four years.
  • Technology services are the critical capability required for driving product adoption and customer intimacy. Without higher adoption rates, the technology industry is facing the high risk of creating more features and capabilities than customers can successfully consume.
  • Emerging technology consumption models such as cloud computing and virtual data centers are all service based consumption models. 

These facts are having a tremendous impact on the economics of the tech industry. Just look where the future growth will come from in the world of high tech:

Technology Services Market Size

Technology Services Market Size

 Technology Services is the $800 billion dollar gorilla in the room. With this size comes great responsibility for the professionals working in technology services. This group of hard working knowledge workers will need to be as innovative as any product engineer has historically been. There will be little room for error. Failure in services innovation will lead to the failure of companies.


Our overarching mission at TSIA is simple:

TSIA enables member companies to excel in a services intensive technology industry.

We will accomplish that mission by pursuing three key end states for the technology industry:

  • Analysts, Investors, Boards, and Non-service Executives understand the economic impact of technology services on the technology industry.
  • Technology Service organizations have clear visibility into the industry trends that impact the performance of their business.
  • Technology service organizations have a cost effective mechanism to apply proven practices to optimize their business.

In my new role as the Executive Director of TSIA, I will be working with great service researchers and visionaries in the fields of support services, field, services, education services, and managed services. Folks like JB Wood, Bill Rose, and Michael Israel. I will continue to build frameworks related to optimizing professional services, but I will be more and more compelled to create frameworks designed to optimize the overarching services strategy of technology companies. And most importantly, I will have a mission to tell the story of technology services. What a great tribe we are. What an exciting time to be in this industry.



One Response to “My New Mission”

  1. Dr. B Says:

    I think you have made an excellent move by integrating the various associations. Since my research is focused on customers, I look forward to your plans for putting customers into your vision.

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