Third Book: Bridging the Services Chasm

My third book is hot off the press. Bridging the Services Chasm: Aligning Services Strategy to Maximize Product Success

It is not yet available on amazon, etc. but you can order it directly from the printer:

You can dowload the first chapter here:  Ch1: Pattern of Failure

Thanks so much to all the folks that were involved in maturing the concepts found in this book, including Geoffrey Moore, Bo DiMuccio, and J.B. Wood.

Book description:

Bridging the Services Chasm provides a comprehensive framework companies can use to make critical service strategy decisions that have rapidly become the difference between product success and market failure. Based on the analysis of both large and emerging technology providers, this book leverages a combination of public record, unique survey data, and direct interaction to clearly define the critical role services in now playing in the success of product companies. In 1991, Geoffrey Moore published Crossing the Chasm. This seminal work framed and defined the specific challenges that companies face as they attempt to drive new product offerings to market. Since then the technology marketplace has significantly matured, and a new set of strategy challenges for product-centric companies becomes evident. And of course, there is a new chasm that companies must decide how to cross: The Services Chasm. A majority of product companies analyzed for this book are hesitant to pursue emerging services opportunities, thus sacrificing badly needed margin dollars and creating confusion for service partners and customers alike, ultimately crippling product success. Bridging the Services Chasm frames the services strategy decisions product companies can no longer afford to defer and provides a clear path for action. A must reference book for the next generation of business leaders tasked to successfully drive technology solutions to the marketplace


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