The Service 50 Webcast

I promise I will return to the topic of sourcing, but I am hip deep in reviewing the Service 50 data for our upcoming public webcast this Thursday. Follow this link to register (open to all):

For those readers that have not attended in the past, I host a webcast every quarter that reviews the financial performance of fifty of the largest providers of technology services. The analysis is designed to answer the following questions regarding trends in tech services:

  1. Who are the best performing providers of technology services?
  2. Are technology service margins trending up or down?
  3. Are net incomes trending up or down?
  4. Are hardware and software companies becoming more or less service intensive?
  5. What is the product service mix for the most profitable companies in the Service 50?
  6. What is the product service mix for the largest companies in the Service 50?

As I review the data, I can tell you the impact of services revenues on product companies continues to be incredibly positive during this downturn. The image below is one I will cover in the webcast. As can be seen, product intensive companies with limited services revenues continue to suffer more than companies that have a healthy balance of products and services. Tune in Thursday for the complete analysis.

The Service 50 Q2 2009

The Service 50 Q2 2009



One Response to “The Service 50 Webcast”

  1. kengon Says:


    Great job on the Services 50 webcast today. Lots of great information and analysis.

    One comment you made during the course of the presentation really resonated with how I see things. I think that the outlook for services is really, really good. The caveat here is that the focus must be on adding value!

    I think that anything that represents little more than run rate enablement-type services will see ongoing weakness/decline. If spending for large-scale hardware and software is decreasing (and for shorter contract periods), the prognosis for business as usual seems pretty bleak.

    Thanks again!


    Kenneth (“kengon”) Gonzalez, CSMP

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