Optimizing Utilization

This Thursday, Bo DiMuccio and I will be hosting a member webcast titled “Optimizing billable utilization in embedded PS.” To register, please visit:


For this session, we have been dissecting one of the most common questions we receive from embedded PS organizations: “Why can’t we achieve the same billable utilization rates?”

Analyzing our data to answer this question, we have found there are four aspects of embedded PS that cause leakage in billable utilization:

1. Policies: Embedded PS organizations set different compensation policies, training policies, etc. that impact billable utilization.
2. Delivery Processes: Embedded PS organization struggle with executing key delivery policies such as change control management.
3. Pre-Sales: Embedded PS organizations are much more likely to provide free pre-sales activities in support of securing large product deals.
4. Product: Product quality and volume impacts the ability for embedded PS to bill.

Optimizing Utilization

Optimizing Utilization

In the webcast we cover each of these four areas and present related datapoints that speak to the impact on billable utilization. Finally, we will cover recommendations on where embedded PS organizations should focus first when working to improve billable utilization.



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