TPS Industry Tracker Live

Quick update:

The TPS Industry Tracker is now avialable for TPSA member companies to input their data. Here is the information regarding the survey:

It is time to take the Q1 2009 snapshot that will provide all participants insight on how PS organizations really faired in Q4 and how your peers feel the incredible global economic situation will impact their business in Q1 2009 across all geographies. This is perhaps the most anticipated snapshot we have taken since starting this tracker last year.
We have now automated the data input process. Please provide your information by visiting:

This is a penny in, penny out model. If you complete the online survey by January 19th , I will aggregate the data and send the Q1 deck out by January 23rd. As always, your company name will not be associated with any of the documents I create from this data for the readout.

Remember the following guidelines:

  • Provide answers based on local currency. We do not want fluctuations in currency exchange rates to impact the responses and trend data.
  • Participating companies asked us to break out Japan from the rest of Asia because Japan is a much more mature market than the rest of Asia.
  • The break point between INCREASE and STRONG INCREASE has been modified. Please make sure your responses are reflective of the new break point.
  • Based on feedback, we added backlog as a 7th metric we will be tracking and trending.
  • For your predictions on what will happen this current quarter, you are comparing how this quarter will compare to the previous quarter.

If you have questions on this initiative, please contact me directly.



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