Packaging PS: Polls

As a follow up to the post on SKUs and PS offerings, we have two polling questions.  We know that assigning SKUs to PS offerings is an existing practice in the industry. What we don’t know is the answer to the following two questions:

1. Is assigning SKUs to PS offerings a common practice in the industry?

2. Does the practice of assinging SKUs to PS offerings create any real business benefit?

Take a second vote. You can help solve the mystery.


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2 Responses to “Packaging PS: Polls”

  1. Billing for Travel Time: 70/30 Rule « Service Visions Says:

    […] Service Visions Framing Technology Professional Services « Packaging PS: Polls […]

  2. SKUs and PS: They do help! « Service Visions Says:

    […] This leads us to the following flow chart regarding SKUs and PS offerings. I want to thank everyone that has provided input. If you want to add to the data set to help make this analysis even more reflective of industry practices, please feel free to add your votes to the polls. […]

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